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Wonders of the Underground World. There is much beauty right in front of you, but sometimes amazing megalomania-inducing natural architectures exist right underneath our feet :O


Portugal’s Herdade da Comporta region is home to unspoiled beaches, a glamorous crowd, and chic homes to rent. Read more about it in our August 2014 issue. Photographed by Martin Morrell. #portugal #comporta #summersurf


Like the beach? Find out where Nat Geo Travel staff goes to relax on the shore.

Photograph by Stefano Politi Markovina, Alamy


photo by Marc Adamus | MY TUMBLR BLOG |

Lake Mono, California. Marc Adamus with another epic photo. The photo gives of a surreal somewhat mysterious vibe as you look at the beautiful scenery of the Milky Way with a seemingly whirlpool-like phenomena occurring underneath. Shots like this I’m assuming, was done with relatively long exposure to create nice smokey looks in the water. Since rocks and the universe don’t really move (relatively speaking :P) they stay crystal sharp. It’s also pretty cool how there is light emanating from the horizon as a result of the sun’s rays getting reflected from the other side of the world.


Nap time. A fisherman rests on his boat in Rajasthan, India

Photograph by Debajit Bose


Saturated Interiors

Photograph by Neil Gavin; W magazine August 2014. 


Alphine Lake | Photographer

(via wearevanity)

(Source: landofthefree, via wearevanity)